Hidden in plain sight

Lots of the employees at this small organization only travel once or twice a year, so they don't all need laptops on their desks, reports a pilot fish who manages the help desk.

"Instead, we have a few spare laptops available for checkout," fish says.

"Recently I heard one of my techs explaining the ins and outs of VPN use to a user checking out a laptop. A couple hours later, he stopped by my desk and asked, 'Do you know why she wanted to check out a laptop, when she has one on her desk?'

"After verifying that this user had been issued a laptop, I gave her a call. Trying my best to be tactful, I informed her that our inventory indicated she had a laptop. Was that true?

"She said no, she had a desktop. I apologized for the error and hung up.

"The tech said he was sure he had upgraded her machine just months ago and, yes, she did have a laptop.

"So I walked up to her cubicle and walked slowly past. I could see as plain as day the laptop on her desk, connected to the docking station.

"I gently informed the user that she did have a laptop -- right there on her desk.

"She physically looked around wildly and said, 'Where?'

"It was connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, but it was mere inches from her keyboard, and had been for months. I'm so glad we invested the money in that one."

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