Looks like there was a memory replacement too

Administrative assistant downloads and installs a virus, so IT replaces her hard drive, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

"She called the next day saying she could not access any of her files after the migration," fish says.

"I used a screen-sharing tool to see what was going on her computer. She was opening a Microsoft Excel document through Word. She would open up Word, select open, change the file type to 'All files' and then navigate to the Excel file and open it. Word would, of course, generate an error message."

Fish explains to the admin that she's trying to open an Excel file with the program used for Word files. The file will not open that way, he tells her.

Admin: "But I told it to open all files."

Fish: The "All files" selection allows you to view all files, not open them.

Admin: "I've been an admin for 15 years and I have always done it this way and it worked."

Fish: You have never been able to open Excel files with Word. It has never worked that way.

Admin: "If your theory is true, then..." She proceeds to open an Excel file with Excel. The file opens.

Fish: Yes, you opened an Excel file with the Excel program. That's how it should work. The good thing is, you don't even have to open the Office program first. If you just double-click the file you want to open Office will choose the correct program for you.

Admin: "OK, if you say so."

Reports fish, "I quickly and politely ended the conversation -- and then proceeded to bang my head against the wall."

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