Glad we could assist by not assisting

Pilot fish discovers that upgrading the memory on a batch of all-in-one PCs is more challenging than he thought. Fortunately, the vendor has an online live-chat support feature.

Support: Thank you for contacting our live-chat support. Please give me a few moments to review your information. How may I assist you today?

Fish: Hello, I recently purchased seven all-in-one computers and I need to upgrade the memory on six of them. The first computer has been upgraded already, but it was a really tricky procedure and I am wondering if there is a good instructional guide available.

Support: I'll be more than happy to assist with this. As it relates to this we do not have a guide available for the upgrading process. This is because we do not assist with upgrades.

Sighs fish, "I am currently in a staredown with them. Neither side seems to want to make the next comment..."

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