Smell your smartphone

Do you smell blood when playing Mortal Kombat? Soon you might get a real whiff of that virtual blood.

Having a bad day? Need a relaxing scent to calm your nerves? If your friends love you -- and you both have the Scentee device -- they can send you a little aromatheraph. Lavendar is it?

Japanese manufacturer ChatPerf (chat, perfume, get it?) has developed an "inkwell" and perfume fillers for your old iPhone. When you send a message, you can attach a scent. Or you can have your phone add a scent to a notification.

Have a use for Scentee that ChatPerf hasn't considered? No worries. There's an SDK so that individuals and companies can hop onboard the app-dev train.

The current prototype attaches to iPhones, up to 4S, via the dock connector, but the company plans to release a device that will use the earphone jack. Will the next generation hear aromas and smell sounds? Could be very confusing.

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