Well, that IS what we hired you for, right?

It's the turn of the millennium, and this pilot fish is hired as the IT manager for several of a company's branch offices in the wake of the Y2k fizzle.

"We had great ambitions -- six new IT projects were planned for the upcoming fiscal year," says fish.

"Then September 11th happened.

"At the beginning of the 2002 fiscal year, sales were plummeting and dragging down IT project budgets with them. If the company was to avoid layoffs, all unnecessary expenditures had to be frozen.

"This meant that the budgets for all six IT projects were cut. For example, having a server to send faxes over the network would have to wait -- the good ol' fax machines would have to suffice for now.

"The following year, when it came time for my annual performance review, the CIO marked me down for 'not utilizing my project management skills.'

"Yeah, that's right, not utilizing my skills to manage six projects...that had all been cut."

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