Bill Gates 2.0: Friend of Steve Jobs (and Philanthropist)

Gates mourns Steve's lack of time to give back.

Bill Gates 2.0

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) co-founder Bill Gates was on CBS last night, and some of what was said has raised some eyebrows. 60 Minutes' Charlie Rose asked Gates about charity and his relationship with the last Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) co-founder, Steve Jobs.

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Bill Gates talked to Charlie Rose:

...whenever you see a mother bringing a sick child into a facility, it's easy to [ask] "What if that was my child?" crazy it is that with the world being rich enough...that those basic things still aren't being provided.


The toilet is one of those things [that] it really would change the situation [to] reinvent. ... Over the next four or five years, we think we can have a toilet that's every bit as good as the flush toilet.


[Steve Jobs] and I—in a sense—grew up together. ... And most of it as rivals. But we always retained—a certain respect.  MORE

What's all this then? Sharif Sakr 'splains all:

Last night's 60 Minutes gave a solid block of screen time to...Gates, with a focus on his efforts to tackle preventable diseases through the Gates Foundation. ...such as its recent plumbing-free toilet competition...and the development of a thermos that can keep 200 vaccines cool for 50 days.


Charlie Rose noted that Gates will "long be remembered" for his philanthropy, whereas Jobs "did not have time to do that.".  MORE

Ouch! Chris Matyszczyk has more on Gates's relationship with "the other Steve":

During Bill Gates' interview Sunday night with Charlie Rose on CBS's "60 Minutes," Microsoft's chairman released some emotion when speaking of [Jobs'] last days. ... He said the conversation wasn't melancholy, but it clearly is an emotional memory for Gates.


Gates admitted that Apple "put the pieces" together on tablets and Microsoft didn't. ... Often, Gates has been critical of the iPad. ... But this interview appeared more personal than corporate.


Gates has rarely shown weakness in public. The touch of emotion...was, perhaps, for a man and a time gone by.  MORE

And Michelle Atagana breaks out the onions:

Most would think that [they] had a bitter relationship until the end. But that just isn’t true. ... Gates grew emotional talking about his last visit...before his death. ...the visit ended on a “forward-looking” note.


Both pioneered the idea of personal computing. ...most people would regard Apple as the Maverick company, [but both] Apple and Microsoft were at the beginning the “crazy ones.”  MORE

But Bahumbug doesn't want us to forget the philanthropic angle:

He’s been a class act at least from the day on he realized that he won’t be taking all of his money with him into his grave and instead started to do good things with it.  MORE

Meanwhile, Doug Johnston plays Mr. Scathing of NYC:

The only tears that snake is shedding is that he can't steal any ideas from a dead man and undercut him in price!  MORE

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