Why we're gonna REALLY love our tablet users

High-level administrator for this government agency is working remotely when she contacts the help desk saying her synchronized network L: drive is missing, according to a pilot fish in the know.

"The tech asks if he can remote into her machine," says fish. "She says to wait for a minute while she saves her work in case he inadvertently shuts off her machine.

"She emails back that she is ready for him to connect, to which he replies that he is remoting in."

The administrator is using a Windows tablet, and once the tech is in he wants to see if the shortcut is still on her desktop. But there are eight windows open, and he has to minimize them one by one just to see the desktop.

He can't find the L: drive shortcut there. She probably deleted it, he thinks, and has just opened the Recycle Bin when suddenly Word opens and the administrator starts typing some notes.

Tech gives her a minute to finish and then minimizes Word to see if the shortcut is in Recycle -- but suddenly Word pops back up as the administrator starts typing again.

"This happens several more times, but the tech finally sees there's no shortcut in Recycle for her L: drive," fish says. "He then proceeds to open the Windows folder on the C: drive to check the location of the synchronized files, when suddenly Word pops open and more notes are taken.

"After a moment -- and after the typing stops -- he tries to open the folder, only to find out she has no permission to open it."

Tech emails the administrator, telling her that he needs to log on with his permissions to check things out, and that when he is logged on she will not be able to take notes.

She replies saying she'll get ready for him to log on. Tech watches her close all open windows and then select "Shut Down" -- upon which the connection dies.

Tech sends another email explaining that he needs the tablet on so he can work on it. But there's no reply. After half an hour, tech has a required 90 minute meeting to attend, and when he gets back there's an email from the administrator saying she turned the tablet back on -- but now there's no connection again, apparently because she's out of WiFi range.

"Further attempts at reaching her or accessing the unit were unsuccessful," says fish.

"Later that evening, the CIO comes into the help desk area somewhat irritated, asking why help desk staff would not respond to the administrator's needs and gave her such poor service..."

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