But the mouse is newer technology!

This pilot fish and a colleague go down to a field office to check on why the users there have, with few exceptions, refused to implement office automation.

"After reviewing several options with local management and being rebuffed in our efforts, we decided to observe key staff to see how they were going about their day-to-day workflow procedures and offer suggestions, starting with the most senior member of the staff," fish says.

"After watching this employee tediously enter numbers in a spreadsheet one cell at a time, using her mouse to click on the next cell to the right and having much difficultly getting the cursor in the correct cell before left-clicking, I suggested, 'Just press Tab to move to the next cell.'

"She looked up at me with wide eyes. 'Hey, slow down,' she said. 'I'm no tech expert.'

"My colleague and I just looked at each other, not knowing how to politely point to the key marked Tab."

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