And you know he'll still find a way to overwrite

This user adamantly insists on syncing his 60GB network drive with the 200GB drive on his laptop, grumbles an IT pilot fish fielding the user's complaints.

"The problem is, he has his assistant sharing this network drive," fish says. "He expects her to make changes in it too, and every week he ends up overwriting the changes she has made to the drive.

"He is very frustrated, as he never wants to come to the office except once every week and wants the share drive to reflect what he and she have been working on the entire time.

"I've explained to him that sync was never made for what he wants to do, it was made to make your personal network drive available offline, and that's it.

"I have offered to get approval for getting him network access from offsite, but this requires board approval for our small organization and he insists that this sync will work the way he wants it to.

"I've now removed sync from his computer and removed access in a local policy so he can't set it back up for the moment while I get approval for remote access."

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