Google Glass roundup

As Google Glass makes its way into the world, there are, of course, different takes on its features and functions. Here's a roundup of recent opinions, ranging from CNN to Engadget and an entertaining Saturday Night Live skit about it.

Some points made by all or some of the reviewers:

  • If you wear these around town, be prepared to be stared at. Even in New York City, where one has to really try to succeed at standing out, people who were wearing the device were gawked at and approached by people who wanted to know if, indeed, they were wearing Glass.
  • Make sure to walk around with some company -- the bigger and scarier-looking your posse, the better. Hey, this is a $1,500 gadget, and people have been mugged for less. Much less.
  • Just like anything else tech, the way it works in the 'real' world is both good and bad. It's a first-gen device, remember, so it's not going to do everything well -- yet.
  • There are privacy issues. Be careful who you wink at.

CNN's take was pretty much "Wow! This is cool!"

Engadget had a more balanced review, noting places Glass works well -- the head's up display for maps, say -- and where it still needs some work -- converting text to spoken words for email retrieval, for instance.

Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" had a pretty funny skit about the device, which is all the proof we need that Glass has really arrived.

For the hardcore Glass fan or wanna-be, Mashable hosted a Google+ hangout where its reviewers answered questions about basic uses, privacy and other matters. (The video is 53 minutes long.)

And, finally, for the people who haven't yet seen this but may want to, here's one of Google's own promos about Glass:

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