Nice to know that at least they're consistent

This company uses offshore development when it runs into a problem adding some new printers to an existing system -- and it mostly works OK.

"The new printers don't work with the old system, so we had to develop this complicated process of building a printer interface script and bolting in some custom code so the files going to the printer are edited so the printer handles them correctly, and bolting the code in the correct place in the interface script and changing several settings," says fish.

"Then the script has to add a single line into another file with a name for the user to select the correct printer and the printer command to send the output file to the printer.

"There was a problem for two months with one of the printers not working, so I was asked to have a look. In their script, the offshore developers had configured the printer correctly without any problems.

"The only issue was the 12 entries in the file where they had misspelled the name of the printer they had just created.

"Turns out this is the third time they made this mistake. At least now I know to check this file first -- it saves a lot of time."

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