Wait, let's try this again...

This pilot fish gets complaints from a few users that they can't access files in a particular network folder. "I have write access to that folder, which is where I put information that all employees should be able to read -- they have read-only access," says fish. "I started to wonder if this wasn't a more general problem.

"So, with the names of a couple of users, I called the help desk to find out why these two people couldn't access the file, and what exactly they should write in their IT trouble ticket to ensure the problem was corrected.

"My intent was to inform all employees to try to access the folder, and if they got an error, create a trouble ticket with the exact information I was expecting the help desk to provide me.

"The next day I got an email from the help desk -- which said my ticket had been closed and that I now had only read-only access to the folder."

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