Spring cleaning? Here's a lending library for the stuff you don't need right now

Just in time for spring cleaning, a smart guy has figured out a way to take your spare stuff off your hands, even if for a little bit. His mantra: Borrow what you need, share what you don't use.

Geir Engdahl, former Googler and currently CEO of SkyLib, figures that much of the world's 'stuff' resides in a closet most of the time, which means it's taking up space but not doing too much practical work. And as a practical guy he hates when that happens, so he created a global lending system.

So far the site -- still in beta -- lists over 13,000 items, ranging from a hand truck and 10-piece cordless screwdriver set to movies including Citizen Kane and The Help. My personal favorite is the smoking suit, but it needed to be sent from Oslo, which didn't seem too practical. (Plus I don't smoke anymore; it just sounded cool for Date Night.)

In the video, Engdahl tells the story of what motivated him to found SkyLib and how he's using Google technologies including App Engine, Android and Maps to index the world's stuff.

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