It's that darn technology jargon again

This accounting firm has developed a policy for administrative passwords for clients that simplifies things for IT, according to a pilot fish working there.

"It involved a fairly large number of characters and unique client information," says fish. "Based on this standard, our on-site techs could figure out the admin password without worrying about overly curious clients guessing the password and logging in with full administrative rights.

"We referred to these long passwords internally as 'the big nasty.'

"Two of our techs were on site at a client's office when they were overheard by our primary client contact discussing the big nasty and where the password needed to be applied.

"Feeling left out of the loop, she approached the techs.

"She said, 'I want the big nasty. And I insist you give me the big nasty right now.'

"Realizing too late the alternative meaning of 'the big nasty,' the client contact turned bright red and walked away."

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