But it'll look a little different when it's done

This pilot fish does some side work as an IT contractor, and that's how he gets a job performing a site survey for a fast-food chain.

"It was just the usual -- walk around and take pictures in preparation for a new system install," says fish.

"About an hour before I was supposed to arrive on site, I got a call from my contact. She was unable to get hold of the store manager to tell him I was coming over -- every time she called, the phone rang once, said goodbye and hung up.

"She assured me that there would be no issue. I should just show the manager the work order and he'd let me in.

"So I headed over there, looked around and called her back.

"'I think I've found your problem,' I said. "'The building's currently demolished so they can remodel it. There's an excavator removing the last of the concrete right now. Do you still want me to take those pictures?'"

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