So many data centers, so little time

IT service tech gets a late evening service call for a customer's office, but when he arrives he finds everything has been shut down for the night, reports a pilot fish in the know.

"He had the night watchman open the data center and power up all the machines," fish says. "Sure enough, he found that one of the machines wasn't working. He repaired it, and since it wasn't on maintenance he wrote up a bill and left it on the supervisor's desk.

"When going to dinner later with the other techs, someone asked him what was the problem at ABC Inc. He said he didn't know, because he had just fixed a problem at ABZ Corp.

"Checking with dispatch, he realized he went to the wrong company.

"He had to go back to ABZ, wake up the night watchman, destroy the bill and then go to the correct company, ABC, who wanted to know what took him so long to get there!"

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