Good thing she laughed first

This pilot fish is doing a software install on a user's PC when she asks about something different: the fact that the PC seems to be running slow.

"I happened to notice that her PC was upside down on the desk, so I told her the problem was that her memory was leaking because her PC was upside down," says fish. "She looked at me as if I was crazy, and I thought she figured out I was just joking.

"The next day in the IT area, I told my team about the joke. They all decided to give her a hard time, so throughout the day everybody went by her desk and told her she needed to turn her PC right side up to stop the memory leakage and increase performance.

"Finally, when the last guy went to her too, she yelled at him, 'Yes, I know, I have a memory leak!'

"He looked at her blankly and said, 'Really? Do you think you have a memory leak?'

"She looked at him, laughed -- and threatened to stab all of us in the eye."

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