Pretty sure that's not going to happen

Pilot fish gets a call from the business office at the educational institution where he works. The user's complaint: Her computer just died.

"I ask her if her monitor is on and explain that she needs to look for the green 'on' light," says fish. "She tells me that she doesn't see any light.

"I ask her to check to see if the computer is on -- another green light on the box where the CD is inserted. She doesn't see any lights there either. She then tells me that in the cubicle next to her the computer also died.

"I ask if there is anything else that is also plugged into the outlets, like an adding machine, light or radio that she can check to see if the power to the cubicle is off.

"She says nothing is working in the cubicles, so I tell her that she needs to contact the facilities department to get the power turned back on to the cubicles.

"She agrees to do that. Then she asks if I can get her computer going until facilities arrives..."

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