The meeting probably wasn't wild about him either

It's the 1980s, and at this big insurance company a project lead pilot fish is looking for someone to fill a programmer position.

"We settled on a guy who was recommended by a friend of the department manager," says fish.

"He was a brilliant programmer. He wrote concise, clear and well-documented code that was tested and ready on or ahead of schedule.

"The only problem was, he was an unshaven slob. He wore the same stained clothes every day that looked like he just slept in them. His picture was probably in the dictionary next to the definition of 'slob.'

"He lacked any people skills -- zip, nada, zilch, zero. He lived on Pepsi and pizza and had body odor you could smell from 10 feet away. He had his own cube, away from everyone else.

"I was essentially his only contact for nine months. Then he was required to attend his first department meeting.

"He quit two days later to go back to his old job. He said he didn't like meetings."

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