Because THAT'S no security problem at all, right?

Network administrator pilot fish for a local government gets an email from a co-worker -- also in IT -- who has noticed there's something wrong on a security camera.

"When he looked at the live video of a camera on the outside of one of our buildings, which was across the street, it was showing a pizza over the whole screen," says fish.

"The actual email read: 'The entrance camera is showing a picture of pizza instead of the actual entrance. Just happened 15 mins ago per staff.

"'I have performed the following and it still shows the pizza on the camera screen:

 - Rebooted the video encoder

 - Rebooted the camera server

"'We might need to go to the other building and see if they plugged anything into our switch.'

"A little while later, I received a follow-up email: 'Please disregard. It was a truck parking in front of the camera that had a pizza logo on it.'"

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