This is why offshoring the help desk won't work

This pilot fish has just started working in his first IT help-desk job when a user walks into his office complaining that she can't get logged on.

"I opened up the Exchange Console and sure enough, her account was locked," fish says. "She said she didn't need her password changed, just her account unlocked, so I unlocked it.

"About five minutes later, she came back to my office again -- same problem. I unlocked her again. Five minutes after that she came back again. This time I unlocked her and followed her to her desk.

"She typed her password very slowly, still with no success. That's when I noticed the little brown puddle by her keyboard.

"What's that? I asked.

"'Oh, I spilled a cup of coffee on my keyboard,' she said. 'I think I got most of it out.'

"At that point I pulled her away from the machine and unplugged it to avoid electric shock. There was still coffee welling up around the keys."

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