Google Glasses are here! (video)

Does my glass look big in this?

Google Glasses

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is now making its promised wearable computers, known as Glass. The head-mounted display resolution and other specifications are also now known. No word on when the price might come down from its initial $1500, though. Plus we have a video for developers.

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John Ribeiro just reports:

[It] will have a high-resolution display...will capture 5-megapixels images and video at a resolution of 720p...and has 12GB of usable memory, synced with Google cloud storage.


Google has notified some users...the US$1,500 glasses were being produced and shipped in phases. ... Google also gave a limited developer preview of Google Mirror API, which...allows them to build Web-based services, called Glassware.  MORE

A frustrated Brian Klug wants to know more:

There's still no word about SoC or platform beyond the rumors we've heard in the past that Glass is like a WiFi-only Galaxy Nexus.


Google is very light on detail's obvious looking at the UI Guidelines...that 640x360 is the native resolution of the projection system.  MORE

Seth Weintraub puts that storage into context:

The 16GB of storage (12GB usable) is a lot for such a small object...but not a huge feat noting that Micro-SDcards now go [beyond] 64GB.


Glass will only use slower 802.11B/G wifi likely to save energy and chip size. ... the display will be the equivalent of a 25-inch HD screen about 8 feet away. That’s a good way to imagine the Glass experience.  MORE

And Liam Spradlin pulls us over:

It looks like Google is gearing up...launching the MyGlass companion app and a new Glass setup page. ... The companion app relies on Google's now-signature "Card UI."


Also of note is that Google's got a developer preview of the Mirror API [for] brave developers looking to dive in...early.  MORE

Meanwhile, Frederic Lardinois talks timing:

Google is clearly under some pressure to get Glass out to its developers before I/O 2013 kicks off on May 15th.


We don’t know much about how Google is building this first version of Glass, but we do know that Foxconn is producing them for Google in the U.S. ...these are still essentially public prototypes. ... Google is still learning how to best produce them.  MORE

More on YouTube...  MORE

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