What are those HUGE iPads on Fox News?

Fox News's huge new iPads

Shepard Smith anchors a new newsroom.

Fox News is now using 55-inch Windows 8 touchscreen PCs to bring us all the news that's fit to air. Amusingly, they look like a lot like enormous tablets. It turns out that they're a new Microsoft product, called PPI.

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Our timelines lit up with retweets of Seth Fiegerman's epic snark:

Either Fox News just bought a bunch of gigantic iPads or they employ very, very tiny people.  MORE

Alex Wilhelm clarifies and classifies:

Nope, just Microsoft’s PPI display technology deployed in the wild [which] comes from its acquisition of Perceptive Pixel in July 2012. [It's] now an OEM of some of the largest touchscreens in the world.


Fox News can toss the images of any of the displays on air when they wish. ... It’s a nice moment for Microsoft: The company has found an early commercial use for the technology. ... The multitouch slate screens cost around $7,000 for the 55-inch model.  MORE

So T.C. Sottek calls it "breathtakingly ridiculous":

In a video that could be mistaken for a College Humor or Saturday Night Live parody, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith walks viewers through the network's new setup. ... In the video, journalists swipe through pages and apps, presumably collecting information for live reporting.


Of course, despite its insistence that its new news room represents a cutting-edge way of gathering and reporting news, Fox isn't...the first network to use absurd gimmicks to seize an edge over the competition. ... But we'll have to wait and see if Fox has managed to algorithmically translate its "fair and balanced" reporting.  MORE

But Brian Stelter begs to differ:

I saw Shep's new Fox News studio and thought, "Innovative TV newscast packaging."  MORE

And Chris Ariens has more info:

Extremely rare and overly ambitious transformations are happening at Fox News. ... The entire newsgathering and TV news delivery process is evolving at the 17-year-old network. ... Internally, it’s known as “the Ailes system,” conceived by FNC co-founder and chairman Roger Ailes.


[The] BATS (big area touchscreens)...will be staffed by “information specialists.” ... At the ready, is a remote control device that will allow Smith to operate multiple feeds coming in on a 38-foot video wall.  MORE

Erik Wemple knows some history:

Last month, Fox News promised a whole bunch of new technology to...Smith, who is to take over the network’s breaking-news functions.


The Fox News Deck does indeed look cool, even though the producers slaving over the BATS look as if they’re putting their rotator cuffs at risk. Smith...showed how easily he could flip large images around in the studio. Very cool.  

[But] technology gets you only so far. ... Just a few weeks back...Fox News reported a “gun incident” at the White House. ... Turned out some guy set off some firecrackers. And just over the weekend [it] fell for an [Onion spoof] that President Obama had given money to a museum of Muslim culture.  MORE

Meanwhile, Fusilli Jerry thinks different:

They are trying to get Mike Teevee back to normal size. The oompa loompas will be along soon.  MORE

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