Yeah, that works too

The IT shop at this psychiatric hospital has the usual procedures for tracking staff -- and a manager who's a stickler for making sure they're followed, reports a pilot fish working there.

"When a worker calls out, whoever takes the call needs to write the details in the Call Out book and sign his name as the person that took the call," fish says.

"On this particular morning, Don took the call, then filled in the book and carefully wrote in his name and initial.

"Later the IT manager came in and, as he customarily does, checked the book to see who was out for the day. He saw the entry and promptly started interrogating everyone about who signed this book.

"Finally one puzzled tech said, 'Don signed it.'

"IT manager snapped, 'How do we know he signed it?'

"Tech responded, 'Because it says DON E.'

"IT manager looked again, slapped his forehead and said, 'I thought it said DONE...'"

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