Damp iPhone warranty denied? Here's $200 from Apple class action.

Tim Cook finds $35M down back of couch.

Damp iPhone warranty denied? Here's $200 from Apple class action.

A report says Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will settle a class-action lawsuit over denied warranty claims. It appears that many people with broken iPhones were wrongly turned away by Apple. A water-ingress indicator made by 3M (NYSE:MMM) could incorrectly indicate water damage, it seems. Estimates say each claimant will get around $200.

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David Kravets pumps his secret source:

Apple is agreeing to pay $53 million to settle a class action. ... [It] provides cash payouts to...iPhone and iPod Touch consumers who found Apple unwilling to repair or replace their faulty [units]. ... Apple admits no wrongdoing.


According to several lawsuits...no matter what the problem, Apple refused to honor warranties if a white indicator tape embedded in the phone...turned pink. [But] humidity, and not water contact, could have caused [that]. ... Apple did not immediately respond to a telephone inquiry.  MORE

James Johnson just jests:

The water damage notice stated that relative humidity between 5 percent and 95 percent would be acceptable, but only if it was “noncondensing.” ... In fact most parts of the United States reach 90 percent humidity after periods of heavy rain.


The payout includes iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch [at] upwards of $200 per claimant.  MORE

And Shalom Levytam speaks peace unto fanboi:

Apple has eased its policies since the lawsuit was filed.


"If a customer disputes whether an iPod with an activated LCI has been damaged by liquid contact and there are no external signs of damage from corrosion, then the iPod may still be eligible for warranty service."  MORE

But Cash Fay doesn't need the cash:

...those first gen water intrusion stickers were garbage. ... Apple refused to replace/repair [my 3GS] because the sticker in the headphone port showed pink. ... I knew this was complete BS.


I finally reached someone somewhat sympathetic, who offered up the revelation that...being kept in a small bathroom with the shower running could be enough to give off a false positive.


What killed me about the whole thing was the lack of common sense. If there was evidence of water damage [inside] I agree. ... But there was absolutely no sign of that...but per Apple policy, even if just one sticker shows [pink], it's an open and shut case. ... I finally got them to repair it on warranty, but the whole process was a lot more frustrating than...I would have expected from Apple.  MORE

Meanwhile, Kendrick Pejoro deftly illustrates why Apple should have U-turned sooner:

This **** happened to me with my iPhone back then and I went to Apple store but I got denied. 


I have a Note 2 now, which kicks ass!!!  MORE

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