Turns out they handled it without him

This small company's IT staff consist of the CIO and this pilot fish -- and their work isn't limited to the jobs they were hired for.

"The owner also owned a paint and body shop down the street, and we also supported their five workstations connected via VPN," says fish.

"I was always getting calls from the shop manager for what were usually legitimate and fairly easily solved problems. The only catch was that the shop manager always offered her suggestions as to what the cause and/or solution for the problem would be. The suggestions were nonsense, typically involving an issue with 'the server.'

"She called again one day and after telling me enough to fix the problem, she casually mentioned that her bank was having computer problems earlier so that was probably what was causing her current problem as well.

"Not wanting to find a nice way to explain how absurd that was, I asked her which branch and told her I would call them next to see if I could help them out.

"I was more than a little amused when she called the next week, a bit worried that no one at her bank remembered me calling to help them."

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