Seamless transition, redefined

This municipal government's geographic information systems (GIS) vendor is migrating city agencies to its new cloud-based service -- and all the necessary agreements are in place for a seamless transition, says a pilot fish on the scene.

"We told the technician that since this was a live site, we could not lose connectivity to our field workers," says fish. "The vendor agreed and proceeded to instruct the super administrator to create new sub-administrator accounts.

"Prior to this, our public works administrator had over 60 users under his administration that we all observed. But once the super administrator invited the public works administrator to the new site, all of the users were suddenly gone.

"This means that workers who were live in the field were without the data they needed. Water and sewer breaks had to be handled without GIS data.

"The vendor tech looked stunned and called his tech support. Sorry, no backups for this dark side of the cloud. We were left with a long process of re-inviting all users to the new site for this 'seamless transition.'"

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