I type A, I get a. I type B...

It's just past Y2k, and the foreman at this manufacturing plant has zero experience with computers, reports a pilot fish there.

"We installed a computer station near our assembly area to print bar-code labels for our product," says fish. "We had to set up a simple password of 'abc' because users had to log in to the software to determine security access.

"The next day the foreman called, asking for the password again. I told him it was 'abc' and that it was lower case.

"'Lower case?' he asked. I told him, 'Little letters.' He said OK and that he would try the little letters and hung up.

"About ten minutes later, I received another call from the same user: 'I don't have any little letters on my keyboard.'

"After that, I found it was easier to just set up another login with 'ABC' as the password so I didn't have to explain upper case versus lower case or how to change from 'big letters' to 'little letters.'"

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