New iPad 5 and other stuff INCOMING

iPad release date

Apple may have a surprise or two.

Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) event on October 22 is creating the usual speculation. New iPads are a given, but there's also talk of one or two mysterious curveballs.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers turn the chatter up to 11.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

In case you've been living under a rock, here's Gregg Keizer's journalistical summarizationings: [You're fired -Ed.]

Invitations to an Oct. 22 event in San Francisco [were] typically opaque, with one line of text -- "We still have a lot to cover" -- below a graphic of colored leaf-like objects. ... The launch event will begin at 10 a.m. the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, a locale for...the September 2012 roll-out of the iPhone 5, and...the third-generation iPad.


Analysts expect Apple to unveil a fifth-generation 9.7-in. iPad...with some believing a new Mini with a Retina-quality display is [also] in the offing. [But others] have cited Asian sources pointing to a later launch. ... Also on the rumored agenda: Refreshed MacBook Pro notebooks equipped with Intel's..."Haswell".  MORE

And here's Chris Whitmore, via Brooke Crothers:

We expect Apple to refresh the iPad and iPad Mini...with the iPad receiving a spec bump that parallels the iPhone 5S including 64bit architecture...and fingerprint authentication. We expect the iPad Mini to ship with retina display and also have fingerprint authentication.  

Enhanced security & 64bit architecture should drive enterprise penetration. ... Moving to a 64bit architecture is important:..It 'future proofs' App development and protects investment...with greatly reduced obsolescence risk. .  MORE

But Jonny Evans appears drunk on Pomagne:

The event is critical to Apple as...consumers sit back for the upgrades global media have been anticipating for months. It seems likely [there's] a similar pattern in iPad sales. ... The latest invitation...tells us: "We still have a lot to cover". It features colored Fall leaves. ... Might the company introduce a colored iPad mini range? Might we see a return to color in its Macs?


Will Apple introduce a 4K display to accompany its Mac Pro? It seems inevitable...eventually.  MORE

So Jordan Kahn watches the twittersphere for clues:

T-Mobile already confirmed...that it was looking to expand its product offerings from Apple. ... The obvious new product...would be to sell cellular iPads directly to customers, and today CEO John Legere is strongly hinting the announcement could be coming on October 22.  MORE

However, nobody seemed to have a good theory about what "a lot to cover" could mean, until Jolyon Smith came along:

Only one Apple product needs a "cover"... the iPad. Needing to cover "a lot" could be a clue at a bigger iPad...perhaps Apple have managed to keep a larger iPad successfully under the radar.


The 22nd isn't so far away that just waiting won't kill anyone.  MORE

Meanwhile, Christopher Breen, Jon Seff and Dan Frakes "are there for the before":

You needn’t be a highly paid pundit to know that Apple was due for another event this fall. ... It’s time the company refreshed its iPad line. And then there’s Mavericks. And the new Mac Pro. And iPods. ... [We] discuss all this as well as a few products that we’d bet our bottom dollar won’t materialize—at least not this year.



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