Thanks so much, now GO AWAY!

It's a few years ago, and this pilot fish is engaged by a very large corporation to conduct Sarbanes-Oxley audits of some of the company's financial and quality-control applications.

"The applications were running on OpenVMS systems, and the audit involved many batch procedures," says fish. "OpenVMS has a handy feature that tells batch queues to retain jobs that issue an error and fail. This feature was not in use at the client site, so I enabled it.

"When I did, I found that many procedures were not running to completion. The end result was that QA and financial reports were badly skewed because data was not being completely analyzed.

"Correcting the procedural problems and re-assessing 10 years' worth of data showed quality and profits were not nearly as good as had been reported.

"I was swiftly paid off and shown the door."

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