Tim Cook grovels to China: Apple's on-bended-knee apology

Apple humbled by Chinese pressure.

Tim Cook China apology

Bowing to pressure, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) said sorry to Chinese consumers and improved some warranty policies yesterday. It wasn't an April fool, even though policies in other countries are still as restrictive as they were before.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if they should mount a similar astroturfed campaign to that seen in Chinese government-run media.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

China's official press agency rubs Tim's nose in it, doggy-style:

Tim Cook...bowed to pressure from Chinese consumers...over the company's warranty policies.


"We are deeply sorry"...read a Chinese letter. ... Cook said...Apple has received feedback concerning its warranty policies [and] has "reflected" over such opinions.  MORE

Christopher Bodeen offers his more sober reportage:

Apple apologized to Chinese consumers after [a] two week...campaign that reeked of economic nationalism. ... State broadcaster CCTV and the...Party's flagship newspaper, People's Daily, had led the charge...accus[ing] Apple Inc. of arrogance, greed and...exploit[ing] the Chinese consumer. ... The People's Daily...editorial last Wednesday [read] "Strike down Apple's incomparable arrogance. ... If there's no risk in offending the Chinese consumer, and it also makes for lower overheads, then why not?"


The attacks...center on complaints over Apple's repair policies...specifically its practice of only replacing faulty parts rather than providing new iPhones, as it does in other markets.  MORE

So Philip Elmer-Dewitt outlines the concessions:

What follows seems to be a recapitulation of Apple's published return and repair policies.


Henceforth, 1) all repairs...will be made using new...parts and 2) the repaired phones will get new 1-year warranties.  MORE

And Rebecca Greenfield learns the lessons:

...the Chinese iPhone warranty [is now] better than Apple's American policy. ...when an iPhone breaks, Chinese...owners will get a brand-new phone with brand-new one-year warranties, instead of the refurbished phones with the same old warranties.


American consumers, it should be noted, have no such luxuries. ...maybe a lot of whining from the media...can get things changed on the customer service front.  MORE

But Tallest Skil swears up a storm:

What the ***** is this nonsense?! Screw the *****ing Chinese. Don't apologize, just give them 2 years by default and kick EVERY product's price up by $50. Shut them up.  MORE

Meanwhile, Erica Ogg quips, "See also Apple Maps":

Turns out that a good way to get...Tim Cook’s attention is a well-orchestrated media campaign.


the true concession Apple is making here is the letter itself. ... [Cook] senses that public opinion is turning dangerously against the company. ... China is crucial to Apple’s future.  MORE

Finally, your humble blogwatcher simply must have his say:

I see. So Cook didn't actually apologise for Apple being arrogant, greedy, and exploitative. He just apologised for appearing arrogant, greedy, and exploitative.  

Also, when's he planning on apologising to the rest of the world?  MORE

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