Who am I this time?

This company's network logins are firstname_lastname, but e-mail addresses are firstname.lastname@ourcompany.com -- and the situation is getting more confusing as new systems are added that require logins, says a support pilot fish there.

"The most confusing one is the instant messaging client we have migrated to since Microsoft switched over to Skype, which is application non grata around here," fish says.

"Our login for IM is firstname_lastname@companychat. Yep, it's a cross of the e-mail address, the system login and some new-fangled system name, so most people get it really confused.

"Today an e-mail exchange went like this:

"User: I have no recollection of my messaging password. Can I get this reset or something?

"Me: Your messaging system login is: firstname_lastname@companychat, and your password is your regular Windows system password.

"User: @#$%! -- I was trying firstname.lastname.

"Me: It happens more often than you think.

"Sometimes I wish the pointy-haired IT bosses -- yep, they are both -- at corporate would make up their minds and standardize, but no.

"I guess it's job security..."

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