Another highly complex virtualization issue solved

This user in a government agency is the guinea pig for a new Citrix system, and the level-3 support pilot fish responsible for the project is pretty sure there won't be any help from levels 1 and 2.

"As the architect, I suspected level 1 and perhaps level 2 would not investigate any typical user problems, and instead pass them on to us," says fish.

Sure enough, when the guinea-pig user calls, it's to say she isn't getting any of her documents from the scanner.

Fish checks the support notes. It seems level 1 support noted that the user is on the new system and immediately passed it to level 2.

Level 2 ran a few tests and concluded that the documents emailed by the scanner are reaching the user's inbox -- they're just not in Outlook in the user's session. A level-2 tech is saving the scanned documents to a location where the user can access them, which keeps the user happy until the system is fixed.

But the level-2 tech tells fish they can't solve the issue.

Fish needs the user to change servers anyhow. After a quick round of disabling logins on the user's current server and a call to the user to log off and log back on, and the user is back up and running on the new server.

Five minutes later, user calls fish back. She says she's still not getting emails. Strange, fish thinks. Time to look at why.

"I shadowed the user's session and asked her to show me what she saw," fish reports. "She said, 'There are no emails for today.'

"I expanded the 'Today' group in Outlook," fish reports. "The user said, 'There they all are!'

"How busy am I going to be when this system is rolled out to 3,000 users?"

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