I think we've found a work-around

User calls this support pilot fish to report he can't launch any applications from Citrix on his home computer.

"He can log into Citrix, but none of the applications will launch," says fish. "It is our policy to guarantee Citrix access from any employee's machine with an Internet connection, so I promptly initiate a remote support session, take control of his computer, and begin troubleshooting the issue.

"Fast forward about 30 minutes: I have exhausted every trick I know that should resolve the issue.

"As I am just about to explain to the user that I cannot resolve the issue, one of my colleagues, who has overheard my conversation, sticks her head in my cube and mentions that this user has been issued a company laptop and has had it for some time now. The company laptops have been configured, tested and proven to work with our Citrix environment, and the users are aware of this fact.

"I turn my attention back to the phone, and ask the user, 'Do you have a company laptop?'

"The user replies, 'Yes, it's sitting on my kitchen table. Why?'"

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