The good news: Y2k was the least of their problems

Flashback to the days just before Y2k, when this pilot fish is being sent out to test client PCs and servers for millennium compatibility.

"I went to a factory of a well-known TV manufacturer to test their machines," fish reports. "After testing the PCs, I was taken to the server room to test those.

"They had two servers sitting side-by-side and both running. The first server didn't have a keyboard, mouse or monitor but was clearly powered on.

"After further investigation, I found the first server was a power surrogate for the second. They had run out of power connections for the plant's primary server, and had the power connections from the first server connecting to hard drives on the second.

"The plant manager refused to purchase a new server or even laser printers -- they still used dot matrix for all printing. Not a good setup.

"But the server did pass Y2K tests..."

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