We do this just like buying a used car, right?

IT group is tasked with looking at new IP phone systems, and one of the contenders is cloud-based, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

"The vendor sent us a switch so we could try it out using our existing IP phones," says fish. "We gathered several bigwigs and young up-and-comers in a conference room for a demo, including a presentation of all the features.

"One of the bigwigs kept interrupting the person giving the demo showing the software used to manage many of the phones features. 'Why would I want this?' he first interrupted. 'This is nothing I would use.'"

The presenter calmly explains the need for the software and again returns to her demonstration.

But shortly the bigwig interrupts again: "Why would we spend the money on that software if I would never use it?"

Presenter patiently explains that the demo will explain the need for the software and the functions it provided.

"Can we just get on with the demo and skip all of this?" bigwig bellows.

Fish mentally does some bellowing of his own: Can you just shut up and let her finish?!? But he holds his tongue.

And despite the interruptions, the vendor rep finally completes her demo, including the full explanation of what the software does, all its functions and the reliability the old system didn't have.

Reports fish, "When she was done, I heard the bigwig whisper to an up-and-comer, 'This is the type of capability and reliability we need in our phone system. We need to implement this immediately!'

"I think I gave myself a headache because my eyes rolled into the back of my head so quickly."

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