HUGE BlackBerry layoffs: Up to 40% of staff say rumors

Thorsten issues BlackBerry PinkSlips.

Thorsten Heins

BlackBerry (TSE:BB) (NASDAQ:BBRY) is said to be preparing yet more layoffs. And this time, it's a massive slash-fest: up to 40% over three months, say the rumor-mongers. The news breaks just when BlackBerry really wants us to know about BBM on other platforms and focus on its latest phone, the Z30.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers ponder pathetically poor timing. Not to mention: ARRRR!..

Matt Hamblen is the bringer of bad news:

BlackBerry will continue to...optimize its business, following a report that up to 40%...will lose their jobs by year's end. ... "We will not comment on rumors and speculation."


The layoff report came on the same day that BlackBerry unveiled its Z30 smartphone with a 5-in. display. ...unnamed sources also disclosed that BlackBerry could be sold off in parts. ... The layoff and sell-off reports depict a Canadian company on the brink of a publicly traded company.  MORE

Will Connors will talk to "people familiar with the matter" for food:

Struggling preparing for deep staff cuts. ... The layoffs will cut across all departments and occur in waves. ... Smaller rounds of layoffs began earlier this summer...and follow the loss of 5,000 jobs last year. [It] paints a stark picture of just how far the Waterloo, Ontario-based company has fallen.


In another move, BlackBerry said it would open [BBM] its proprietary messaging system to iPhone and Android smartphone users this weekend.  MORE

Neil McAllister does the math[s]:

As many as 5,080 of BlackBerry's approximately 12,700 employees could get the axe...those nameless tattle-tales said. ...the company is said to have been shuffling executives into its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) division, in anticipation of possibly spinning off the group.


The company will announce its second quarter earnings next week and...has cautioned analysts that it expects to report another operating loss.  MORE

But this anonymous coward is upset:

Too bad. ... I hope BlackBerry manage to salvage their device business. The Q10 is the best phone I had since the N900.


Of course, I wish it ran linux, but apart from that, it's great.  MORE

Meanwhile, Ryan Sarver twies to make sense of it all:

Barely 1yr ago, new CEO claimed "nothing wrong with company". Now slashing 40% of it's staff and trying to firesale.  MORE

And VoiceOfSanity is similarly supportive:

At the company I work for, we've tested iPhones, Androids and other smartphone variations, but stay on the Blackberry for now. ... No smartphone can touch the level of security that a Blackberry possesses. ... The iPhone initially was allowed, but when folks found out that they were locked down...the iPhones were returned and Blackberry devices issued instead.


BYOD may be nice for small companies, but not major ones. ...device security and data security will remain essential [so] Blackberry devices will still be around for a while.  MORE

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