iPhone 5 s-is-for-same: Why mess with perfection

Blogger's Note: Just to avoid any confusion, I wanted to point out that this video and my summary of it are intended as humor. The video is a parody of an Apple announcement. I thought it was funny. I hope you will too.

Are you already queuing up for the iPhone 5s? Well, you should be, because with this new device, Apple is giving us something completely … the same. That’s right: The “s” in iPhone 5s stands for “same.”

Apple took a revolutionary approach to the iPhone 5s. Instead of redesigning the phone completely, they fired their entire engineering team, instead breaking boundaries by selling millions of the exact same iPhone as last year by changing only its name. Because as Mark, CEO and senior know-it-all says, “It would be stupid to change what is already perfection.”

And since the iPhone 5 was the best iPhone Apple ever created, because of all the … reasons, Apple chose to forgo making a new model and focus entirely on marketing. After all, as senior of something important person, Lorum Ipsum, concisely and eloquently points out, “All that time added up, is time … added up.”

The best part: You are already using the new iPhone 5S. Apple upgraded for you and charged your iTunes account. No need to thank them (and scratch that part about needing to get in line).

And the iPhone 5c? It’s plastic, and cheap, so now even peasants can afford an iPhone. Now that is what I call revolutionary.

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