Pump up the volume

Pilot fish has just finished up dealing with a user's problem when, on his way out of her cube, she calls after him: "You guys gave me a set of speakers a year ago and they never worked. Can you get me a new set?"

Jokingly, fish asks, "Are they plugged in?"

"Of course they are," user snaps. "They are USB. I tried plugging them in the front and the rear -- no sound." She clicks the speakers on and turns the volume to full. "See? The green light is on. Nothing."

Fish looks at the speakers. They're USB, all right -- the kind that are powered off a USB port, but still require that the other cable be plugged into the audio-out jack.

Reports fish, "I found the little cable and held it up and said, 'You might want to turn the volume down before I plug this in.'"

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