Yeah, I'd take that bet too

This IT pilot fish is a former member of his company's change team -- the techs who work up server changes and then hand them over to the business-as-usual team.

"Having worked with the change team, I know they have a tendency to try to hide issues and force us to pick them up, as we had accepted the server," says fish. "If we don't know about the problem, how can we ask them about it -- especially when they claim everything is fine?

"However, this last time I decided to play the odds. I said to the person doing the change on a server we were about to receive, 'I hear you had problems on Saturday. How are you coming along with fixing them before we take the server under normal support?'

"This caught him by surprise and he started quizzing me on how I knew about the issue. Then he proceeded to describe the issue and the testing they needed to do to get around it.

"The really sad part is, I knew nothing about the fault -- just that nine times out of ten they have issues. We refused to accept the server into support until the fault was fixed."

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