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This private high school uses projectors to display what's on a classroom PC's screen, and one teacher is complaining that graphical artifacts keep showing up, reports a pilot fish who's on the case.

"I go to his computer and find the screen resolution is set for a widescreen display, but the projector is only a 4:3 aspect ratio. I reduce the PC's resolution to 1024x768 and all is well.

"I get another email with the same complaint. I go back to the room and the resolution is back to 1920x1080. I tell the teacher that the resolution needs to be optimized for the projector. He says OK.

"For a third time, I get the same email with the same problem. I finally come to find out that the balloon that says 'Non-optimal resolution' keeps popping up -- and he keeps clicking on it and raising the resolution.

"Because he can't figure out what we meant about the resolution, we have to give him a smaller and older 1024x768 display so he can't keep messing it up."

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