Microsoft cloud PR FAIL as Hotmail, SkyDrive go down for hours

Redmond flacks in a pickle over "small" issue.

Microsoft Hotmail,, SkyDrive outage

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is battling perceptions that its cloud chops aren't all they should be. As Microsoft Calendar, Hotmail,, and SkyDrive all fail for several hours, the company PR people run around telling us all that it only affected a small number of users. And Microsoft expects us to move to Windows Azure?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if Microsoft is telling porkies.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Jay Alabaster sculps this fine story: [You're fired -Ed.]

The problems occurred Tuesday evening. ...the issues in its online email were unresolved nearly four hours. ... A Microsoft spokes[person]...said she had no immediate comment.


The company also reported issues with its calendar service...over eight hours later [saying] "The problem has been fixed."  MORE

And Drew Olanoff draws conclusions: [Seriously, clear your desk -Ed.]

Microsoft decided to start migrating...Hotmail users over to its shiny new Outlook service. That migration process might not be going so well. ...three hours is a long time to not be able to check your email. ... SkyDrive [is] affected as well. sounds like the entire suite of Microsoft-cloud products aren’t acting as they should.


a Microsoft spokesperson...says the problem is affecting a “small number of customers.”  MORE

But Barb Darrow implies that Microsoft is being economical with the truth: [Wait, what? -Ed.]

since reporting on issues related to the changeover in early January, there’s been a fairly steady flow of complaints. ... Much of that time, the Microsoft status page showed no issue but on Tuesday night it lit up like a Christmas tree.


at the end of February...a Microsoft spokeswoman explained that when a small number of users are affected the status page will not show a problem.  MORE

So your Humble Blogwatcher joins the dots: [Oh, I see what you mean -Ed.]

So the Microsoft cloud status page is designed to be silent about problems with a "small" number of users. But yesterday's issues—noted on the very same page—affected a "small" number of users?  MORE

Meanwhile, Ina Fried makes mixed medical metaphors: [As you were: You're fired -Ed.]

Hiccups. ...growing pains.  MORE

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