Developer pilot fish is one of the programmers responsible for an application that has been in use inside and outside this company for many years.

"The help desk handles just about all of the users' issues, but sometimes I'm asked to step in for the really interesting problems," fish says.

"I get a support ticket that says a remote user can't launch the application. I check the logs, but they all look clean. As far as I can tell, the user should be staring at the first dialog screen, but it's nowhere to be found in the screen shots.

"There is much back and forth in e-mail, where I'm suggesting everything I can think of as I try to wrap my head around why this one user is having a problem that shouldn't be happening and that nobody else has ever seen. We finally schedule a screen-sharing session where I can see the problem for myself.

"I poke around a bit on the remote user's system, but I still have absolutely no idea what is going wrong.

"Finally the user asks me in passing, 'Should I turn on my other monitor?'"

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