Why Samsung prez hates Windows 8: Poor PC profits?

Why did Jun Dong-Soo say Windows 8 no better than Vista?

Samsung Windows 8 no better than Vista

A Samsung division president, Jun Dong-Soo, was widely quoted as saying Windows 8 was no better than Vista. But why? Could it simply be because PCs aren't selling well in the (ahem) post-PC world?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers point fingers.

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Jared Newman thinks Jun Dong-Soo isn't being fair:

[The] president of Samsung's memory chip division...had no kind words for Windows 8. ... Jun's statements echo findings by IDC and Gartner, who found that PC sales declined during the holiday shopping season.


It does seem disingenuous...to pin the blame solely on Microsoft's operating system, as if the hardware is without fault. ... It's possible that next-generation processors from Intel and AMD...could make for a healthy second wave.  MORE

And Chris Matyszczyk blames "panic" among PC makers:

The old order is dissipating...the occasional finger gets pointed and noses get disjointed.


"Better" is always a relative word. [Perhaps] Jun was bemoaning the fact that the global PC market isn't exactly expanding. ... [It's] entirely possible that people just don't feel such a great need for PCs. ... It also seems entirely possible that Samsung, Acer, and others didn't release PCs that were terribly interesting.  MORE

So Paul Thurrott offers his usual schtick:

Windows Vista, is widely viewed as being a disastrous speed bump in the otherwise stellar rise of Windows. ... But Vista is also widely misunderstood...the stigma remained even as Vista went on to sell several hundred million units.


Microsoft fundamentally altered the foundational core of Windows in this release, just as it did with Vista...[so] consumer acceptance of Windows 8 is on par with that of Vista.  MORE

But Arash Jafari rejects the comparison:

Vista was a disaster on many levels until SP1 came out while Windows 8 is the most stable and fluent Windows. ...look at the facts and ignore people’s opinion...the core of Windows 8 is a greatly improved Windows 7 and allows you to do exactly what you did before.  MORE

Meanwhile, Andrew Hall goes all Buddhist/conspiracist on us:

This is karma for Bill Gates' population-control vaccine nonsense. [He] is getting more involved with radical ecoterror in the name of the Bilderberg Group and Club of Rome and bizarre population control schemes than he is with the cutting edge of technology.


My dream is that Gates...realizes killing Africans with a bunch of lousy vaccines is a terrible thing...then grabs the reins of his company.  MORE

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