If you think it's bad now, wait till we turn it on

Consultant pilot fish and his team are slowly installing a replacement intrusion-prevention system (IPS) into computer rooms at all this company's sites.

"At one location we had a broken IPS server from the existing system, so we put a new server in for the replacement IPS but did not connect it to the network, or even power it up," says fish. "Once we were ready, we would build it then test it.

"Two weeks later we got a series of phone calls and emails blaming this server for blocking traffic in and out of that location and causing major intermittent network issues.

"After spending ages proving it was not the old IPS system, we asked why they blamed this system, which had not changed in six months and in fact was out at the location where they where working from.

"They said they heard we put a new server in and they thought it must be that causing the issue.

"I then explained to them that it's not built, connected up or even powered up, and sent them a picture of it powered down in the computer room.

"Despite that, three other people -- who all had copies of my emails -- still blame the new IPS system for blocking their work.

"Next stage, we'll plug it in and teach these users the difference between power on and power off..."

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