Welcome to IT. Now get lost!

This pilot fish is hired by a retailer as a project manager, and though it's not strictly a technology job, he's employed by the IT department and reports to the CIO.

"I was hired initially to manage projects in the firm's newest and greatest distribution center located hundreds of miles from headquarters, as well as the other DCs located in the northern U.S. and midwest," says fish.

"The DC had several initiatives for me to manage: A new sorter was installed, new automated pick and pack lines, a new line for handling returns and a massive restructuring and build-out of the DC."

Fish not only has to manage people in the DC but also coordinate with the purchasing, IT and marketing departments at headquarters. The problem: The HQ people regularly ignore his requests and meeting invitations.

Only meetings at HQ are attended by people in the HQ departments, so fish has to travel to HQ several times each month to coordinate with them. Any meetings held at the DC -- even though it's equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing -- are simply ignored by the HQ staff.

Fish keeps inviting them anyway, and dutifully sends emails with the results of the meetings.

Fish's boss, the CIO, is at HQ, and he ignores fish too. He doesn't respond to any of fish's emails, voice mails aren't returned or acknowledged and he never answers his phone.

"And he always had 'unexpected travel' when I arrived at his office for scheduled face-to-face meetings," fish says. "I wonder to this day if he was afraid of me for some reason.

"I worked there for 11 months and 3 weeks. I was laid off because I had completed all the DC projects and my employment agreement called for a retention bonus of $2,000 after I had worked there for a year.

"The DC manager was given the task of letting me go. My boss wouldn't even call to say goodbye!"

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