But that was at the BOTTOM of the instructions!

This IT manager pilot fish's company has dozens of sites spread across the U.S. -- and it's no surprise to have any one of them lose its Internet connection, since they're mostly connected via cable or DSL.

"To save time and work for myself, I recently emailed out a set of instructions and contact information specific to each branch," says fish. "The instructions include the steps to take and who to call should they lose their connection.

"The steps basically are: First, make sure that you have power. Then...

"Power cycle the cable or DSL modem and firewall. Then...

"Call the Internet provider. Then...

"Call me.

"The email also included a suggestion to print this information and set it by the network equipment.

"The next week, I got two calls well before my normal work hours. My response was 'Tell me what steps you have taken already from the email I sent you last week.'

"They both told me they couldn't get to the instructions because their Internet was out and they couldn't get to email."

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