See, at home he doesn't have ANY tech support

This public library's IT group supports the library staff, but also has to assist the general public from time to time, says a pilot fish there.

"One day a reference librarian called down and said that a patron was having trouble connecting to our wireless network," fish says. "One of the other techs took the call on speaker, as he typically does when initially answering the phone.

"The tech asked a few routine questions, after which the librarian said she was putting the patron on the phone to talk to us -- and a librarian could not utter more terrifying words.

"The tech asked the patron if he could see the network. The patron replied that when he opened Internet Explorer, it said Internet Explorer couldn't display the web page.

"So the tech asked what version of Windows he was using. After a minute, the patron replied that he was using Microsoft Word 2010.

"The tech replied that he would be up in a minute to help."

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