Mimes, microprocessors and Jerry

This might not be a big surprise, but right around 1980 computer commercials took on a decidedly consumer flavor. We can still find the generic "high tech" ad about the wonders of chips, but more and more we were seeing systems targeted to small businesses or end users. In today's installment of "Computing in the commerical age," we're treated to mimes (no, not MIME type, but real live mimes), microprocessor chips and tech support from Jerry.

Even if memes weren't cool yet, in 1979 mimes were (and still are IMHO). This was the year that David Hoffman won a CLIO for his United Technologies' series featuring Tony Montanaro.

Hoffman's 1980 United Technologies commerical would awe us with the 64,000 cells packed on a tiny chip, so small it would fit on your finger tip.

But who really solved the mystery of computers? According to this 1980-era ad, it was Digital Equipment Corp. Their authorized distributor, Jerry, was just as an important to this small business owner as an attorney or an accountant.

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