Nerdy girls unite!

What's cooler than a herd of nerd girls working on a solar-powered car? Not much, in my opinion. In this video, students at Tufts University talk about the car they're crafting, along with why they love being engineers-in-training and their dreams for the future.

This is worth sharing with any young woman you know who might be considering STEM as a career path. Or, in fact, with any youngster who enjoys building things and learning how they work.

In this 8-1/2-minute video, students talk about the benefits of working with other female techies, with lines like, "It's fun to work with all girls, for once. It's definitely a male-dominated profession." They also get into some of the details about their work, including how they split up the work -- frame, shell, motor -- and their various tasks within the whole.

Kudos to Karen Panetta, associate professor at Tufts, who started the Nerd Girls group in 2000 to celebrate "smart-girl individuality that's revolutionizing our future." And yes, boys and men are welcome, too, as "Dr. Karen" makes clear in this blog post about why it's especially important to nurture girls in this way.

Nerd Girls isn't the only group doing this work, of course. Women in Technology International has an outreach program for young women, though it remains mostly focused on supporting women who already work in the field with networking events, online and in-person seminars and classes, and more.

Know of any others that work to keep young women connected to the STEM world? Provide the link in the comments section, below, and pass it on.

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